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Treatment for Kids & Teens


Treatment for Infants

During treatment for infants at our office, we like to have a parent assist the dentist when performing an oral examination. We typically perform the oral exam with the child sitting on a lap cushion between the dentist and the parent. Our approach is to gradually get the new child familiar with his or her new dental surroundings.

Infants can bring toys or books from the reception area into the treatment rooms. Private rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions as a way to entertain as well as to distract a child from their dental treatment.

Treatment for Children

We use euphemisms or age appropriate words to describe a child’s dental treatment. This technique increases the likelihood that a child will understand and cooperate with his or her treatment. Our dental team will regularly monitor a child’s dental growth and development according to their age group. Our pediatric dentist will also recommend early orthodontic evaluation and treatment as necessary, which can typically be performed in-house without the need to refer out to another practice.

Treatment for Teens

For teens, we explain procedures, show them what instruments will be used, and then perform the treatment. These techniques can still be useful amongst teenagers even after many years of dental visits. We also provide education for teens on oral piercings and smoking habits.

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